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Le Logis des Chauvins  Charming gîtes **** in Charente ‑ Maritime

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Welcome to Logis des Chauvins

Céline and Bertrand welcome you to the Logis des Chauvins
located in Port d’Envaux, in the heart of the Saintonge Romane.
The Logis is slightly out of the village (2 min walk), enough to be quiet…
You can nevertheless easily take advantage of the various activities and restaurants that are available…
We are very happy, after a long year of work, to be able to welcome you in our brand new gîtes…
We hope that like us you will fall in love with this magnificent place where hundred-year-old trees stand next to the «Crazannes stone».

The Logis des Chauvins, a little history…

The Logis des Chauvins is located in the town of Port d’Envaux, a small commercial port on the Charente where, among other things, the barges that transported the «Pierre de Crazannes» docked. The village is also known for its magnificent shipowners’ houses, some of which are located on the banks of the Charente.

The Logis des Chauvins was built around 1770 by Pierre Gallocheau Sieur des Chauvins, King’s Councillor, Lieutenant of the Mayor of Saintes, Dean of the Election of the Chief of Saintes. On the pediment of the house is the Gallocheau family coat of arms with a small rebus in bas-relief. Pierre Gallocheau was married twice, once to Jeanne Brejon de La Martinière and then a second time to Jeanne Françoise Gaudriaud. From this last union were born 3 children, a girl and two boys. Claire Gallocheau, Pierre Barthelemy Amable Honoré Gallocheau and Philippe Gallocheau. The first son Pierre Barthelemy Amable Honoré Gallocheau married Elisabeth Olive Goujaud, sister of Aime Goujaud Bonpland, known as Aimé Bonpland, an illustrious doctor, botanist and explorer, and fellow traveller of Alexander von Humboldt.

Aimé Bonpland - doctor and naturalist

Aimé Bonpland liked to say that between two expeditions, he came to recharge his batteries at Les Chauvins. He would have been the inspiration for many plantations, including an avenue of chestnut trees that was decimated during the storm of 1999. Following this disastrous event, the Cassou de Saint Mathurin family, former owners since 1950 and successors of the Gallocheau and then Allegre families, were able to preserve and conserve the Logis. After the storm, they completely replanted the alleys of the Logis. We owe them the avenue of holm oaks to the north of the property and the avenue of chestnut trees along the road that borders the entrance to the Logis des Chauvins.

We are pleased to welcome you here today.

« I often picture your stay at the Chauvins! I hope to see again that long series of flats covered with floors, separated or divided by two corridors, your living room, your kitchen, the garden, the little wood, the feet of capers placed to the South in the wall which supports the house, the beautiful alley of elms which separates the house from the yard, etc., etc. »

Aimé Bonpland

Plan of the Logis des Chauvins

Plan of the Logis des Chauvins